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Letter to Aunt Bessie

By dragolds Dec 04, 2014 523 Words
Where will you put your million dollars?
Dear Aunt Bessie,
It's an honor that you have chosen me to distribute your entire life earning of one million dollars! I promise you that I wont let you down. America is growing day by day and it needs help because there are many problems that it's facing. I've narrowed it down into four important causes on where your money will go.

My choice for the most important cause is the woman's suffrage, this cause will receive your $600,000. Jane Adams, the co-founder Hull House convinced many people, including me, that woman should have the right to vote because according to Jane Adams they "Preserve the home"-1910 (doc C). Her duty is to keep her house clean and wholesome and to feed her children property. If the children are not taken care of right, America could collapse, children are the future for America, they will be the progressives of the future and to ensure that, women's vote is necessary.

My second choice on where to put your money for the next needy cause of $300,000 is the meat-packing industry. To put regulations of the sanitary conditions. The Jungle(1905), a novel that describes the conditions in the Chicago meat-packing industry convinced me that this is a big problem for America. We don’t want our hard working men, our children, our families to be poisoned by poisonous meat! "Thousands of rats would race about on it" -The Jungle(Doc D) can you believe that aunt Bessie!? these piles of meat stored in rooms that water from leaky roofs would drip over them with these animals, a man could literally "Sweep off handfuls of the dried dung of rats"(Doc D) This is outrageous aunt Bessie, it poisons people all over the country and they die. Therefore I'm putting this cause as the 2nd needy cause because we don’t want people to die simply because these industries didn't bother to use sanitary conditions.

The last cause where I will put your money is to the National Child Labor Committee, it is incredibly depressing knowing that children have to work under devastating conditions and with such low pay. The photo taken by Lewis Hine of the 'Breaker Boys' in the coal mines made me realize that child labor needs to be noticed by the American people. It is heart breaking knowing that 15 year olds having their young lives be cut-off by breathing in coal dust, Dennis McKee 15 year old in Chauncy, PA., was smothered to death when he fell into one of the coal cars (Doc B). your money could definitively help these children to lobby against the mining companies and the other that employ children. Children are our future and we shall protect them.

America should be in the right path once the 1Million dollars will be distributed, and it will all be thanks to your kind heart Aunt Bessie. Thank you so much for trusting me with such amount of money, this task has changed me and I've learned a lot of new things about America, God bless you AUnt Bessie. With love, your nephew Sergio Ferrufino.

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