Letter to Amir: Living in Pashtun Society
Topics: Islam, Hazara people, Afghanistan, Domestic worker, Ali, Periodization / Pages: 3 (712 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2013

Dear Amir, Living in this Pashtun society throughout my lifetime has been horrific. I feel mentally challenged encountering obstacles day by day. It has been mental tribulation and misery throughout this time period for being segregated as a Hazara from the Pashtuns. I mean no iniquity to anybody, yet I am discriminated and hated in this society for my beliefs. It is not just about me, but it involves the people of my kind. Although we did have an uprising in the early nineteenth century, it was brutally suppressed by the Pashtuns. At the same time, we were described by derogatory terms which includes “mice eating” and “flat nosed”. This was all because of the fact that we were Shia muslims and they were Sunni Muslims. Right now, I am working diligently as Baba’s servant along with Hassan. This comes from cleaning dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the house and cooking food daily without any dissatisfaction or confusions. At the same time, I think that the furthest I can go in this Pashtun-based society is only being chosen as a domestic servant. However, I still find the time to complete my 5 daily salaat. These 5 daily prayers provide me with a strong and spiritual relationship with God. Do you know when I was taken into this position Amir ? When two high and drunk Pashtuns driving hit and killed both my parents. This was the time period where Baba’s father took me in, where Baba and I grew up together. Although we did grow up together, Baba never referred to me as a friend. Similarly, for our ethnic and religious differences. At the same time , I continue to refuse to give up my morals and my lifestyle in Afghanistan in contempt of my beliefs.

Amir , aside from your ethnic ,culture and religious discrepancies between you and Hassan, Hassan looks beyond those differences, like Baba and I grew up. Baba is a courageous individual with a strong mind as well as physique. Seeing you struggle to stand up for Hassan does not please me neither

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