Letter: Public Health of Our Community

Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: January 13, 2012
To the citizens of our community:

It is with great concern that I am writing this letter to address the public health of our community. Recently, there have been a number of children and adults who have strangely started to develop similar illnesses. The one thing each of these people has in common is that they all live right here in our community. My feels were that these sudden illnesses were not a matter of coincidence but instead a matter or poor practice. This feeling has proven to be accurate. Upon further investigation, it is has come to light that the reckless policies of our local gas company are endangering the health of our community. Contamination testing done on our water supply as well as soil tests shows extremely high amounts of a toxic chemical that is used by the gas company. This chemical that the company is releasing into our community has been linked to various illnesses that are similar to the ones experienced by our citizens. Interviews with two former employees of the gas company reveal that they were aware of this chemical leaking into our community water supply but the issue continually got swept under the rug. It was these employees belief that the company felt there was not enough of the toxic chemical being leaked to cause health problems. They are not aware as to how our local gas company came up with this irresponsible solution but we are aware as to how it has caused life-threatening illness among our community. Management at the company had no response when asked if they were aware of contamination so it is apparent that we must speak out as a community. Although not all of you have been affected by this shocking behavior, you are bound to be in the future unless we take the appropriate steps. We must unite together and demand changes in the company’s policies so that they are no longer poisoning the citizens of our tight knit community. We shall not give up this fight until we have reached a solution that keeps our health the...
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