Letter of Recommendation

Topics: The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantès, Abbé Faria Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 7, 2007
My name is Abbe Faria and I am a priest by profession. I have led my life meeting with different people. I preach goodness to people and people do confession on my hand. I know many languages Italian, French, English, Arabic and many others. I have a keen knowledge of mathematics, physics, history and chemistry. I know many different skills that are useful for life. I am writing this letter to recommend Edmond Dantes to be a detector.

I know him since six years. My first impression to see him was that he is really naïve. He was young at that time. His innocence impressed me and I knew that he is an honest man. I started to teach him and told him every thing that I knew. Now he knows all languages that I know. He is really intelligent that is the first requirement to be a detector. He has the great ability to disguise himself and no body can recognize him. In the life of a detector, he has to be in different getups to investigate. So in my opinion he is a really good candidate because of his honesty, intelligence and his ability to disguise himself.

I know that nobody is perfect in this world. Edmond Dantes has some weaknesses too. After living a hard life, he has become a human being with different senses that are not found in common people. In a sense, you can say that he is not a normal person. He is extraordinarily smart and his intelligence can make someone to be afraid of him. He has the ability to know about the person's nature just by looking at him. These qualities are rare in humans. But his weakness also supports him to be a detective. His ability to know people is advantageous for him.

I recommend Edmond Dantes for the position of detective because I found him an honest, knowledgeable, smart and intelligent man. He has many personal experiences of his life that he can use while doing his job. I am feeling proud to recommend Edmond Dantes for this position and I am sure that he deserves to have this position.

The Count of...

Bibliography: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
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