Letter of motivation

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I'm writing this letter to express my interest in attending your master's program in finance.


I finished my Secondary education from Sri Sankara Senior secondary school (CBSE), Adyar in the year 2008 falling within the top 3 scorers in my class with merit in Accountancy and Business studies. I was then accepted into Loyola college (Rated among the top 3 colleges in India for Arts & science) to pursue my bachelor's degree in Commerce.

My 3 years at Loyola helped me to experiment with various subject areas in order to gauge my interest/competency level in said areas and ultimately deciding on a career path to follow. Aside from the normal B.Com course in my college, I wrote and passed the first level exams for the below professional courses in my country.

- Company secretaryship (ACS) conducted by ICSI (the institute of company secretaries of India) - The CPT exam for Chartered accountancy course conducted by the ICAI (the institute of chartered accountants of India)

My reason to drop out of the courses was primarily due to the lack of interest in the subject matter.

During my 3rd year, my college introduced the NCCMP (NSE certified capital market professional) course in conjunction with the National Stock Exchange of India. I immediately enrolled for the course as I really wanted to find out if the subject area of capital markets would prove of any interest to me. I fell in love with this field from Day 1 and subsequently decided that I would pursue a career in the field of financial markets. This course made me realize the practical use of all the accounting/mathematical principles I had learnt in the past. Aside from giving me an understanding on the various financial products in the market, this course also taught me how to invest in any business by looking at its financial statements. I subsequently opened a small brokerage account with my local bank and invested in a few companies based on what I had read so far. While the returns were relatively low, it managed to further deepen my interest in the subject area. I subsequently scored the highest among all my classmates in this course (95% aggregate) in my final year at college.

Internships during college:

1. Geojit – BNP Paribas: A two week internship with Financial services company Geojit BNP Paribas as part of the NCCMP course. This internship mainly focused on providing practical training on the various services offered at a financial services company (brokerage, sales etc.)

2 Income tax practices – 1 month internship with a practising chartered accountant to gain a working knowledge on Income tax practices in India.

During my final year at Loyola, I got placed at Goldman Sachs operations in Bangalore.

Professional Experience:

I was placed in the 'Equity derivatives – Document retrievals' team in Goldman Sachs. My role basically revolved around analysing various equity derivative transactions between Goldman and the client and ensuring that the bookings match with that of the clients. The team was relatively new in Bangalore and its overall knowledge in derivatives was limited. Over the two years, I was fortunate enough to be assigned various duties/projects that enabled me to bring about increased efficiency in the overall team. Goldman made me realize just how vast and interesting the financial market really is.

My Role as an SME:
I would like to talk about one of the roles which I undertook during my tenure at Goldman.
During the early stages, due to our limited knowledge in the subject area of Equity derivatives. There was a huge time spent on reviewing the booking of a trade (varies on how complex the product is). Growing tired of the time spent, I undertook the initiative of setting up time with various teams in Bangalore to gain a working knowledge on the equity products traded by Goldman. The Management subsequently assigned me as an SME (subject matter expert) in my team. Middle...
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