Letter of Advice (Brave New World)

Topics: Partnership, World, Rant Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: December 6, 2012
James Kiefert

Letter of Advice

Dear Savage,

What you did with standing up to the system was great! If only other people did that we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we are currently in right now. I am standing up to the system over here in Singapore as you read this message. I heard of your rant over the soma and it being poison and I completely agree with you on that. I have not ever taken soma in my life being unconditioned to that for some mistake in the conditioning process at the Singapore Laboratory. Therefore I am 75 when most people die at 60 or 65 at the most.

But, a word of advice, don’t go around ranting and raving as of yet. We need to collect more proof against the soma and also on how we are conditioned to be slaves. Also on how the ones that realize that we are slaves or don’t do what they are meant to do (like in your friends case how he doesn’t go out with many women) are sent to islands around the world as to protect their so called “civilization” from destruction. I do see a partnership growing between us. If we partner up against the system we will either be killed, or given so much soma that we will inevitably die within a month or two as what happened to your mother.

Running away was definitely a smart decision in your part. Mainly because if you didn’t we would never of had the chance of this partnership being started. Therefore I am on my way to get you so we can get information together and so you will have a place to stay with provided food (non-hormone food that is). And it was also a stupid decision because you ran away and haven’t been in complete solitude and isolation. Therefore people know of your whereabouts around the world. Thus how I know where to send this letter. Well, hopefully you accept this invitation.


Artemis Zion
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