Letter Is the Most Popular Means of Communication

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It’s a pity but modern society is not so close to traditional kinds of communication as It must be. Not everyone will agree on proposal to go for a walk or go to the cinema. People prefer watching television to spending time in open air. And it happens in best ways. More frequently we are busy with surfing the Internet not noticing that slowly, but certainly we waste our life. That’s why I can easily maintain the most popular way of communication in modern world is short messages. What do they write about?

It seems to be something very mysterious or important when people send their e-mail letters in every 5 minutes. But it’s not so. Often the contents of these messages consist of a great number of unnecessary events or silly greetings. In brief they write about any nonsense or (it’s the worse) make up lying problems for theis status. Why do they do it?

Answer is easy. People need real support and attention to their persons. Because of their attachment for the world web they go by life, with relatives, family holidays, advice and the other joys. You can ask me why their relatives don’t pay attention to this behaviour. But they do it. Do! The whole point is that they are as addicts; they depend from imaginary world with its people who they never see and talk to them in a loud voice. What to do?

I’m sure that it’s a very important problem when your life is dependant from strange messages and internet events. It can seem not so terrible to refresh your personal page in social web but it will lead to no good. In sometime you will be subject to this way of life. And so I am against e-mail message as one and the most common way of communication. We should enjoy real life within our invironment.
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