Letter from Jamestown to England

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, John Rolfe, Jamestown, Virginia Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Dear Countrymen,
The amazing new world filled with opportunities! I am addressing you today to inform you of the new land and the wonderful experience we have had here. We have been doing what we love here, and have prospered with the help of our Native American friends. It is a great place to live, so i highly encourage you to experience it for yourself.

The trip over was not great, but it was nothing to complain about. We landed here in Cape Henry in April safely. Shortly after landing, we started a new settlement elsewhere which we named Jamestown. This is the first european settlement in the new world, and it is and will be successful.

When we first arrived our primary goal was to build houses and fences. We did hasty work on the houses, which proved to be a downfall when winter came. We used the fences to keep out possible intruders or animals. Unfortunately due to our carelessness, the village was burnt down accidentally. When Spring came, we were greeted with 50 new settlers who were immediately put to work building warm stable houses and starting farms. Now we have great homes for ourselves and others, making this a great place to live.

The Native Americans have been such a great help this whole time. While we were in need of food in the winter, they brought some of their surplus food to help us survive. They also taught us how to farm, hunt, and fish so we could support ourselves. They continue to help us to this very day. Without them we would have been in trouble. With them we will not only survive, but thrive as a colony.

After the indians helped us become self-sufficient, we went in search of riches. We are positive there is gold and other great treasures here. There are many riches to behold here; wether you’re a carpenter, blacksmith, fisher, forester, or another professional. You will be free to do what you love in the new world.

Overall we have a great settlement here in the new world, and I would encourage all to come and...
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