letter application to the principle for the 'Head Girl'

Topics: Thought, Prefect, Audience Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: August 31, 2014
To Principal
(Your school’s name)
Date- 19th may 2014 Subject - Application for the Head Girl Position.
Respected Ma’am,
I’m Tiya of Grade 8. It would be an excellent opportunity to be a part of Prefect council of our school. 1.I would like to share my qualities with you that I think would make me and excellent Head Girl. As I’m a good friend and a good listener. I will listen to their ideas and concerns. If they’ll be facing any problem they can come to me any time. I will be hospitable with them. I will make sure that everyone will be in discipline. If number of complaints are made for the same thing I will argue their case. 2.This school has helped me in gaining confidence in verbal communication thereby expressing my thoughts clearly to the audience ,this confidence has not only improved my personality but also has sharpened my skills of Executing any task given to me. 3. I feel that the qualities that I gained from being a House captain, which involved listening and taking into account the opinions and advise of others are essential for any leadership position and will therefore benefit me greatly in this role, as it ensures co-operation and involvement from all members of the team. Additionally, I believe that my innovative nature will bring a new dynamic to the role, allowing me to approach tasks with originality, effectiveness and determination, but most importantly with enthusiasm. 4.If, this application of mine gets approved and I am appointed as Head Girl, I assure you that I will live up to the expectation of the entire faculty and maintain the reputation of this esteemed Institution high. Further, I will ensure that the students under me follow the same. In expectation of a positive result. You’re faithful

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