Let the Circle Be Unbroken Chapters 1-8 Summaries

Topics: White people, Black people, Jury Pages: 6 (2717 words) Published: April 19, 2013
The story “Let the Circle be unbroken” starts with the Logan children, and Mr. Logan or Papa riding in a wagon to go to Mrs. Lee Annie Lees to go check on a sick mule. On their way there Cassie thinks she sees Wordell go into the woods. When they got to Mrs. Lee Annie Lees Mr. Logan left Logan kids in front of her place, as he go attends to the sick Mule. While Mr. Logan was gone the Logan kids talked to Son-Boy, Lee Ellis, and Waynard, and Little Willie, who were waiting for Clarice. The children started talking about TJ Avery who was their friend, that got caught up into some trouble with the Simm’s kids. They said that TJ killed Mr. Barnett, but in all actuality The Simm’s kids did. TJ is currently In Jail. While they were in the conversation, Dube Cross a 16 year old came and asked if they had any jobs open for him to earn some milk. Stacey offered him to milk the cow, and Dube said that he’d do it tomorrow morning, and left. When Clarice finally came, Waynard, and Little Willie left with Clarice. After they left Mr.Logan and Mrs. Lee Annie Lees came out and she ushered the Logan kids to come in her place. In the house there was Mr. Tom Bee, and they sat down and ate peanuts, after a while Mr. Page Ellis, Son-Boy, and Javan came in with Russel who was Mrs. Lee Annie Lees grand son that joined the army. When they came in they were happy to see him, since they haven’t seen him for a long time. They talked to Russel about how he needs to be careful going into the Delta with the Army uniform on because there was some White Bigots, and red necks out there. The conversation soon turned to TJ’s situation, and explained to Russel what was happening, and how Mr. Jamison their Lawyer is trying to get him a trial. This was when Son-Boy told the other kids to come with him outside. Outside Son-Boy presented them his marbles, and his prized possession which was the emerald-green marble, which he let no body touch. The other children were amazed, and when they started playing marbles Stacey went back in the house because he was too old to be playing marbles. When Mr. Logan came out and saw Cassie, playing marbles Mr. Logan told Cassie to give back the Marbles she won, to Son-Boy. When they left Mrs. Lee Annie Lees house Mr. Logan talked to his children about not playing with Marbles because it was a form of gambling. He said that it was evil, and that it was a hard, and bad habit to break. Cassie was stubborn and disregarded her Father’s rules. She wanted to get the Emerald Blue Marble of Son-Boy so in church the next day she had a plan. She was going to try and get the Emerald Blue from Son-Boy. When she successfully got the Emerald blue from Son-Boy Mr.Logan caught her, and he said he better return what belonged to Son-Boy. When they went into the church, the church bell rang, and Mr. Logan looked up and saw that Dorris Anne was hanging onto the rope that pulled the Bell. People were scared, and went and tried to help, when they got up there they saw Wordell, and he was introduced as “Peculiar.” Wordell was holding Dorris Anne while Mr. Ellis was yelling at Wordell but he didn’t say anything, Mr. Logan told Wordell to give him the baby, after he did they all got down, and Mr. Ellis got more upset with Wordell. Mr. Logan told him to calm down.

The Logan kids were back in school, they heard news from another kid that TJ is going to get a Trial. The Logan kids were excited about this, they thought that maybe TJ has a chance. They got home, and they told Mrs. Logan, or Ma and she told them the honest truth and said that no one is going to listen to TJ because he is black; that it was going to be an all white jury, and that he wasn’t going to stand a chance. Stacey told them that he wants to go to the trial, Cassie said that she wanted to go too, but Mr. and Mrs. Logan said no, that it was going to be dangerous if they went. Mrs. Logan organized a boycott against the Wallaces store, and Mr. Granger didn’t like that. Later in the...
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