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“Let Poverty Be Your Inspiration” Reflection

By ausarhidoon Mar 15, 2011 321 Words
“let poverty be your inspiration” reflection

My last article talks about how can poverty be the inspiration for people to be evangelists, and how it leads people to be more excited to see how people can be extremely poor and still happy. Evangelisation was always seen as the fruitless job that people had to give up everything they owned to be in. but as it is mentioned in the article “what really amazed him (the seminary student) was his literal poverty-he owned nothing, yet was supremely happy.” This accident inspired lots of people to go in the way of evangelisation, to spread God’s word. The church saw many poor handicapped people, so they decided to fund 120 communities world wide providing handicapped people. Which shows how poverty led the church to help the people and spread God’s word. This article made me think of how I can make poverty my inspiration, so I decided to collect a dollar anytime I get my allowance and donate it to handicapped people or the church by the time I’m eighteen. This article made me stop and think for a while of my life of my life and how shallow it can get sometimes, which touched me deeply and inspired me to make a change in my self and my life which Is the reason why I chose this article, as I said before this article made me think and know how lucky I am but it also made me think of others and how people are living such a hard life and how they’re still living happily which made me think that I should be extremely happy because I have a loving family and amazing friends that love me truly for whom I am, which affected me deeply and get me to think of changing my life and make it a life that is worth to live.

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