Lessons to Learn from Steve Jobs

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-Anand Soni
A man of the stature of Steve Jobs needs no introduction. Steve Jobs, undoubtedly, was one of the greatest entrepreneurs and a great visionary of the 20th century. Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer industry by democratizing the technology and making the computers smaller, cheaper, intuitive and accessible to everyday consumers. In 1976, at the age of 21, Jobs founded Apple Computers with Stephen Wozniak , probably the most successful enterprise in the world today. In 1980, Apple Computers became a publicly traded company with a market value of 1.2 billion dollars. However, several Apple products confronted consumer disappointment due to serious design flaws and to overcome this, Apple, in 1984, released the Macintosh. But, inspite of the success of Macintosh, the board of directors lost trust in Jobs and he was forced to resign as Apple’s CEO in 1985. After leaving Apple, Jobs laid the foundation of NeXT Inc and purchased Pixar, an animation firm, which merged with Disney, in 2006, making Jobs Disney’s largest shareholder. In 1997, Apple bought NeXT and thus, Jobs returned to Apple. After re-joining Apple Jobs revitalized the company, whose share had fallen to a mere 4% of the computer industry by then. Steve Jobs put Apple back on the track and once again, instigated Apple’s success using his ingenious strategies. WHAT JOBS STANDS FOR, FOR A WILLING-TO-BE SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR * How Jobs marketed Apple products

The most important and crucial element of trade is the marketing of the goods you produce. And this was where Jobs surpassed his nemesis. The way Jobs marketed his products was through his highly captivating and scintillating presentations and story-delivery.. yes, Jobs presentations were akin to stage performances. Steve Jobs presentations were all theatrical experiences. A Jobs presentation used to unleash a rush of Dopamine into the brains of his audiences. The most interesting thing I would like to take over from Jobs and which I actually highlight in this article are his esoteric presentation skills and strategies.

So how did Jobs do that?

Every Jobs presentation was about creating a story. On analysing some of his presentations one can find the following attributes and stages of a successful marketing presentation-

* Analog to Digital

Steve Jobs was a man who earned a great reputation in the digital world. But he always started to plan his strategies and presentations using pen and paper; that is , the analog way. After creating the ideas this way, presentations were prepared. A typical Jobs presentation slide would consist of expressive and large (font) words and no bullets. His presentations consistently had a captivating headline like- “Today Apple reinvents the phone!”. Moreover, he always included a passion statement, metaphors, customer evidences, video-clips and flip charts in his presentations.

* Answering- Why this product?

In May 1998, Apple launched a new product aimed at ameliorating its dwindling share in the computer market, which had fallen to 4%. This was the new translucent iMac. Jobs first pointed out the fallacies and cons of the then existing products. After this he explained the new features of the iMac talking about its fast speed (“it screams”), its gorgeous fifteen-inch display, a large amount of built-in memory and the components that made networking a blissful experience. After this, in the surprise moment, he walked to the centre stage and unveiled the iMac.

* What is your core purpose?

Why do you do whatever you do? This is the question that needs to be answered before you step-up the road t success. Unless you love what you do, you cannot ask for success; for excellence. This question always favoured Jobs. He loved what he did. When a columnist from the Business Week asked Chris Gardener (remember The Pursuit of Happyness) how did he gain the strength...
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