Lessons From Wrongful Convictions

Topics: Law, Conviction, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (814 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Lessons from Wrongful Convictions
Unit 4 Assignment
Cm107 College Composition
Professor Ann Reich
By: Tracie Moon

“Today, however, most Americans realize that innocent defendants are occasionally convicted, and that America's criminal justice system has other deep-seated problems with administering equitable punishments.” I want to begin by saying that this topic has affected me. I have done outside research on the issue. I find it immoral, disruptive, and unjust and it troubles me. To actually put myself in the minds and states of those that have been incarcerated due to wrongful conviction. When in reality they are innocent. I can barely even take myself or my mental state anywhere close to understanding what these people have gone through. Find it lazy on the judicial systems part in these happenings. I find it terrifying and surreal and tragic for those who have lived through these experiences. Losing parts of their life, to sit in a cell and be treated inhuman because someone made a judgment error and found them guilty. Many of them spending this time not only incarcerated, but on death row, always just one appeal away from having their entire lives snuffed out. In this article the facts state that between 1971 and 2007, over ten dozen inmates were exonerated and set free from prison due to being found innocent of crimes they were found guilty of years before. Most of the people who are lucky enough to be found and retried have spent over a decade in prison or on death row. Then when they are found innocent at the mercy of pure luck that someone took an interest in their case by chance. They are just kicked out of their cell onto the street and are expected to engage in society like nothing ever happened. All the while the people who are responsible for this inconvenience that has been served to these individuals, go on about their lives and careers. Not even offering up an apology, or any type of remorse or compensation to these people....

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Lessons from wrongful convictions
Radelet, Michael L. Judicature91.4 (Jan/Feb 2008): 202-203.
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