Lesson Planning for Teaching of Writing

Topics: Grammatical number, English language, Education Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: March 8, 2012
We will be conducting teaching of grammar lesson for form four students. There are thirteen students in the classroom. The students belonging to this classroom are from Malaysian Government School. The competency of the students in English Language and grammar in particular is of average level. The time taken for the lesson is from twenty-five minutes to thirty minutes. At this particular lesson, we have chosen to focus on subject-verb agreement. The purpose of us choosing to teach this grammar component is because we have found out that many students even of the higher secondary level are incapable of applying the subject-verb agreement rule while using the language either in spoken or written form. The subject-verb agreement rule is a very important element when it comes to grammar usage. The teaching resources that we have planned to use for our teaching lesson is a video on ‘Hopscotch’, a text on ‘Hopscotch’ and the same text which will be in an edited form with errors on subject-verb agreement for the students to identify and correct. We have selected ‘Hopscotch’ as a topic to teach our students because it would interest them since it is a childhood game that most children loved playing when they were kids. The aim of this teaching lesson is students should be able to apply the subject-verb agreement rule in their language. The behavioural objective of this lesson is that at the end of the lesson, students should be able to identify and correct at least five out of the eight errors in the text provided. Set Induction

A set induction is a part of the teaching lesson in which the teacher carries out a short activity in order to get the attention of the students into the lesson that will be carried out. Firstly, the teacher will randomly ask students about their favourite childhood game. This is to ensure that the students actively participate in the classroom so that the learning process will be fun and exciting for them. Then, the teacher will...
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