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Student Teaching Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Social Studies | Topic: Who Where the first Americans? | NCSCOS/Common Core Objective: The learner will acquire strategies for reading social studies materials and for increasing social studies vocabulary. 1.01 Read for literal meaning. 1.02 Summarize to select main ideas. 1.03 Draw inferences. 1.04 Detect cause and effect. The learner will analyze important geographic, political, economic, and social aspects of life in the region prior to the Revolutionary Period.1.01 Assess the impact of geography on the settlement and developing economy of the Carolina colony.1.02 Identify and describe American Indians who inhabited the regions that became Carolina and assess their impact on the colony.1.03 Compare and contrast the relative importance of differing economic, geographic, religious, and political motives for European exploration.| Date submitted: 10/27/11 Date taught: 11/1/11 – 1/3/2011| Daily Lesson Objective: Students will be able to: State who the first Americans were. Experience customs of first American families. Understand how first American communities have changed. Identify the different regions where the Indians lived in North Carolina. Connect first American customs to their own experience. Develop their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.| 21st Century Skills: Global Awareness, Critical thinking and problem solving:| Rationale/Purpose: Students need to understand the culture and history behind the native American community. Student need to know America’s beginning history and who its first inhabitants were. Students can benefit from understanding Native American culture and finding similarities within their own culture.|

Activity| Description of Activities and Setting| Time|
1. Focus and Review | Journal Prompt: Who were the first Americans? Get students warmed up, writing and talking in preparation for class.| 10 min| 2. Statement of Objective...
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