Lesson Plan Kindergarten

Topics: Root, Reading, Plant morphology Pages: 3 (490 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Lesson Plan In Reading – Grade 1
Using the Language Experience Approach

I. Objectives
A. Read out loud high frequency words in running print
B. Answer wh-questions based on stimuli presented
C. Write words/phrases – copying from the model
D. Appreciate the importance of trees

II. Subject Matter – Answering wh-questions
Materials – Experience chart made by pupils, flash cards, ball, flower, bag, envelope, box Values – Protect trees, plant trees

III. Procedure
A. Drill – Reading words flashed from cards.
(DOLCH Basic Sight Words)
1. stop6. are
2. is7. because
3. will8. clean
4. grow9. bring
5. take10. round
B. Review – Give the color, the size, shape, quantity of the following objects 1. ball
2. flower
3. bag
4. envelope
5. box
C. Lesson Proper
1. Motivation (Discussion)
a. What did you see on your way to school? (All the pupils are given the chance to give their answers)
b. How many of you saw a tree?
c. Do you like to write a story about a tree? Why?
d. Let us write a story about a tree. (The pupils give their sentences about the tree they saw and the teacher writes the pupils’ sentences on the board until they cooperatively organized the sentences into a paragraph) e. Pupils read aloud the paragraph they made.

1. The tree have leaves.
2. The trees are tall.
3. The trees gives us fruits.
f. The pupils copy the paragraph or the story on their notebooks. 2. Inculcation of Values
a. Are trees important to us? Why?
b. Do we need to plant trees?
c. What are we going to do to protect trees?
d. Who are responsible for caring our natural resources?

IV. Generalization
Rules in formulating wh-questions:
What is used for a thing.
‘What is it?’
Who is used for a person. Whose has the same meaning but it is always followed by a noun. ‘Who were you talking to?’
‘Whose car is that?’
Why is used...
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