Lesson Plan in Science and Health

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REEP Lesson Plan

TEACHER’S NAME: Karen valdez
LEVEL: 200
LESSON OBJECTIVE: Identify healthy food and lifestyle choices. TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: n/a
Communication Skills: Read With Understanding, Speak So Others Can Understand, Listen Actively, Convey Ideas in Writing
Decision-Making Skills: Solve Problems and Make Decisions
Interpersonal Skills: Cooperate With Others, Advocate and Influence
Lifelong Learning Skills: Take Responsibility for Learning, Reflect and Evaluate ESTIMATED TIME: 2 hours
RESOURCES AND MATERIALS NEEDED: healthy and unhealthy habits sentence strips, “H” (healthy) and “U” (unhealthy) cards, “How often do you _________?” information chart, healthy vs. unhealthy habits worksheet LESSON PLAN AND TEACHER’S NOTES:

Warm-up/Review: Review use of present tense to talk about repeated, habitual actions. Review present tense conjugation of “I” form. Each student says 1 thing they do every day… “I … every day.” Introduction to the lesson: We are going to discuss personal habits today. We will be deciding which habits are healthy and which are unhealthy. Presentation: Divide the board in half and label the halves: Healthy Habits/Unhealthy Habits. Show students a sentence strip with a habit, e.g. I eat ice cream for breakfast. or I don’t eat breakfast. Students will decide whether that sentence represents a healthy or an unhealthy habit. Sentence strip will then be taped on the appropriate side of the board. Practice Activities:

1. Each student chooses 2-3 sentence strips out of a bag. Student decides whether their sentence gives a healthy habit or an unhealthy habit. Student tapes their sentence on the appropriately labeled half of the board. Go over results with whole class, moving sentences when necessary after discussion. 2. Give each student a “How often do you ________________?” information chart. Discuss whether the habits on the information chart represent healthy or unhealthy habits. Go over vocabulary on the chart and model format for questions and responses with a student. Teacher models with one example by writing the responses in the appropriate space on the information chart. Students circulate to complete chart by asking classmates and noting their responses. At the end of the activity, teacher leads a whole group discussion to summarize the information, identify trends, etc. Application: Each student will receive a “Healthy and Unhealthy Habits Worksheet.” They will write “H” next to the sentences that describe healthy habits and “U” beside those sentences that represent unhealthy habits. Evaluation Activity: Students will go over responses on the worksheet with the whole class. One student at a time reads a sentence and identifies it as a healthy or an unhealthy habit. Other students hold up “H” (healthy) or “U” (unhealthy) cards as student is reading the sentence.

Reflection Activity: Define and rephrase terms from today’s lesson: healthy habits, unhealthy habits. Do this by asking students to respond to the following questions: What are healthy habits? Can you give me an example? What are unhealthy habits? Can you give me an example? Extension Activities for the Classroom and Beyond:

1. Keep a schedule of your habits. Write down 3 things you did each day for 1 week that were healthy. 2. Write down 2 unhealthy habits that you have and how you can turn them into healthy habits or stop doing them.

Healthy and Unhealthy Habits Worksheet

Write “H” next to healthy habits and “U” next to unhealthy habits.

___ I exercise 3 times a week.
___ I eat McDonald’s every night.
___ I drink 3 beers for breakfast.
___ I brush my teeth every day.
___ I floss my teeth every day.
___ I use suntan lotion.
___ I watch 5 hours...
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