Lesson Plan in Science 3

Topics: Bread, Nutrition, Food Pages: 4 (1084 words) Published: March 17, 2013

I. Objectives
1. Classify foods according to the basic food groups.
2. Describe the main function of each group.
3. Recognize the importance of these foods to our daily lives/ health. KBI: Practice good food habits|

II. Subject Matter
A. Topic: The Three Basic Food Groups
B. Science Concept:
* The basic food groups are Go, Grow, and Glow foods.
* Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, are nutrients that the body needs. * Vitamins, minerals are needed by the body.
C. Science Processes: Observing, Identifying, Describing, Inferring, Classifying D. References:RBEC – PELC, III Unit 1 6.3.1 p.6
Science and Health 3 p. 43-44 by Carmelita C. Coronel; et.al
Science for Everyone 3 by Ruth G. de Lara
E. Materials:Pictures of the three basic food groups, chart

III. Learning Procedure
A. Preparation * Prayer * Checking of Attendance/ Assignments 1. MotivationPresent pictures of children who are sickly and healthy looking. Show a picture of obese children. Class, what do you think affect the growth and development of children?-Very good.B. PresentationOkay speaking of nutrition, what do you think is involved?What are those kinds of food that we need in order to be healthy? Can you name it? -Very good.Class, today we will talk about the three basic food groups. First is the Energy Giving Foods (Go Foods). These are the foods that are rich in carbohydrates and fats. They supply our body with heat and energy needed for various activities. Here are some examples (show pictures of potato, rice, bread). Can you give me other examples of the go foods?-Very good. Now for the next group, it is the Body Building Foods (Grow Foods). These foods provide what is needed to build and repair worn-out body tissues; they are rich in protein. Here are some examples (show pictures of meat, chicken and fish). Who can give me other examples of the grow foods?-Very good. The last group is...
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