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Lesson Plan in English 2

By loidel94 Mar 15, 2014 528 Words
At the end of the 1-hour timeframe, the Grade 2 – St. Monica students will be able to answer wh-questions about a selection listened to
recognize/identify what nouns are
give examples of nouns
express gratitude towards people
STORY: “At the School Yard” by: Myrna J. Hipolito
MATERIALS: word cards, pictures, chart, big book
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review: Have the pupils recall the past topic (Being Courteous) 2. Motivation:
What are the things that you like?
What are the important events in your lives?
What places do you want to see?
List the responses on the board and ask a volunteer to read the examples given B. Development of the Lesson
1. Presentation:
Introduce the title of the story “At the School Yard”
Read the story “At the School Yard” by: Myrna J. Hipolito
Review the standards of listening
1. Read the story aloud.
2. Ask questions as you go along to monitor pupil’s comprehension. STORY:
“At the School Yard”
by: Myrna J. Hipolito
One morning, Pam and Sam met at the school yard. “Good morning, Sam,” Pam greeted Sam. “Good morning, Pam,” answered Sam. Who met Sam?
“Oh, you have a new bag,” said Sam.
“Yes, my Aunt Pat bought it for me,” Pam told Sam.
“She also bought me a red hat to go with my red shoes”, Pam said with pride. What new things does Pam have?
Who bought Pam’s new things?
I wonder how I can thank Aunt Pat,” Pam thought aloud. “Pam, why not make a thank you card for her?” Sam said What will Pam do to thank Aunt Pat?
“That’s a great idea Sam! I’m sure Aunt Pat will be happy.”
“Thank you, Sam,” Pam gratefully said.
“You’re welcome, Pam. Goodbye.” “Goodbye, Sam.”
How did Pam feel about Sam’s suggestion?
2. Analysis and Discussion
After listening to the story “At the School Yard” , complete the table below. Who met Sam?
Where did Pam and Sam meet?
What new things does Pam have?
Who bought Pam’s new things?
Who told Pam to make a thank you card?
How did Pam feel about Sam’s idea?

Pam met Sam
Pam and Sam met at the school yard
Pam has a new bag, hat and shoes
Aunt Pat bought Pam’s new things
Sam told Pam to give Aunt Pat a thank you card
Pam was happy about Sam’s idea

3. Generalization
Ask: What are nouns?
Nouns are naming words
Nouns are names of persons, animals, places, things, and events. C. Application
Ask the students to draw a line to connect the nouns to its category Person Pasig City Animal Manny Pacquiao Place Christmas Thing Dog Event Ball

Encircle the correct category for the given picture
1. person animalplacethingevent
2. person animalplacethingevent
3. person animalplacethingevent
4. person animalplacethingevent
5. person animalplacethingevent

Encircle the word that does not belong to the group in every row. teacher mother monkey doctor
mountain farm city pencil
canteen library food room
cow dog ball cat
Lorna Fe well Aida

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