Lesson Plan Form Four Persuasive Speech

Topics: Speech, Language, Rhetoric Pages: 5 (792 words) Published: September 26, 2012
|SUBJECT |GROUP/CLASS |DAY /DATE |PERIOD/TIME |LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY Intermediate | | |English Language |4 Abu Bakar |20-09-2012 |1345-1420 | |No. of Students : 26 | |Theme : People and Social Issues |Topic : Consumerism | |Lesson Summary: |This is a speaking class to get students to understand and use persuasive language features involved in effective persuasive speaking. Students | | |will understand that how they say something is important to persuade or influence others as well as improve their overall confidence in | | |communication and public speaking. Firstly, teacher invites students to identify and match language features to appropriate example on the | | |whiteboard. Then, teacher will check the answer by explaining the language features involved in persuasive speech as well as prompt students to | | |give more examples. Then, teacher will show a video of persuasive advertisements which produced by other students. After that, students work in | | |group for ‘Dragon’s Den’ task. Students will deliver their persuasive presentations that include the language features to promote their assigned | | |object. Finally, the class will vote for best group persuasive presentation as well as discuss the effectiveness of the language features used. | |Learning Outcomes: |Level: | | | | |1.2 Take part in social interaction by: |1.2 Level 1 | |(b)Participating in conversations and discussions. |(vi) Participating in a conversation. | | | | |2.3 Presenting information to different audience by: |2.3 Level 3: | |(c)Composing, revising and editing drafts, and checking accuracy of spelling,|(xx) Applying process writing skills by: a. discussing the topic with teacher and peers| |punctuation, and grammar. |and jotting down ideas; b. writing out an outline. | | | | |3.2 Express themselves creatively and imaginatively by: |3.2 Level 3: | |(a)dramatizing texts and role-playing characters; |(iii) Composing simple poems, stories and dialogues at a level suitable to learners. | |Learning Objectives: |By the end of the lesson, students should be able to; | | |Provide and deliver persuasive presentations by using persuasive language features appropriately to promote assigned object. | | |...
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