Lesson Plan for Teaching Present Tense

Topics: Perfect aspect, Verb, Romance languages Pages: 4 (864 words) Published: June 8, 2013
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To introduce students the use of Present Continuous Tense
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To list the three usage of Present Continuous Tense

Starter 1
Students should know the present simple when you get on to the present continuous, so just start by asking about their daily routine. Once they're comfortable with this, interrupt a stronger student who's just said, for example, "I brush my teeth..." and ask him "Are you brushing your teeth now?". Emphasize the "now", and then accept just a "No" as an answer. Keep this going around the class and they'll soon begin to get the idea about the difference. When you feel they're ready, start using negative build-up:

"Are you brushing your teeth now?"
"Are you sleeping now?" 
"Are you eating an apple now?" 

and then...

"What are you doing now?" 
"I'm studying English." 

With a lot of repetition and a little prompting, students will get comfortable with this, at which point you can start to introduce negatives and eventually questions. When they're really comfortable, compare with present simple at the same time:

"How often do you play tennis?" 
"I play tennis once a week" 
"Are you playing tennis now?" 
"No, I'm not playing tennis now"
Starter 2
The present continuous tense is used to describe actions that are taking place at the time of speaking. So, the easiest way to introduce this tense is to carry out actions. Take a pen or pencil and start writing on the board. Say: I am writing. Sit down and pick up a book. Say: I am reading.

Start walking around the classroom. Say: I am...
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