Lesson Plan for Grade 7

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Lesson Plan in Literature for Grade 7 Students

I. Objectives
Students must be able to do the following at the end of the activities with at least 75% proficiency. Define poetry.
Enumerate the kinds of poetry.
Interpret a poem.
Explain observation regarding young love in written form.

II. Subject Matter
“Ambahan” Hanunuo-Mangyan Poem
Reference: http://www.mangyan.org/book/export/html/34
Materials: Copy of the pre-assigned text, pictures and questionnaires.

III. Procedure
A. Motivation:

Show the class a picture of a man and woman. Ask the class how they feel about courtship.

1. At what age should a person have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
2. As a Filipino gentleman, how will you court the woman in the picture?
3. As a conservative Filipina, what will you say if the man in the picture courts you?

B. Presentation:
Checking Prior Knowledge:

1. I asked you about courtship because we will tackle a poem entitled “Ambahan” which is one of the lyric poems used by the Mangyans to court a woman they like. But before we start, how many of you know what a poem is?

2. Very good! All of your answers are correct. So a poem is highly expressive, written in verse, and arranged with rhyme or meter. There are many kinds of poetry. What kinds of poetry do you know?

3. Yes all your answers are correct. We have the narrative, epic, dramatic, elegy and lyric poetry. So according to our book, the Ambahan is grouped under lyric poetry. Lyric, do you know or understand this word?

4. Very well said! This Lyric poetry is meant to be sung. So the poem Ambahan is a Mangyan poem that men sing to court the woman they like. They sing until the woman let’s them come into her house.

Reading of Poem

1. Class reads the poem.

Activity 1: Discussion
Hanunuo-Mangyan Poem

Look! The moon so full and bright,
shining in front of the house!
How can you explain to me,
that the rays are soft and cool?

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