Lesson Plan: Critical and Response Perspectives

Topics: Reading, Critical thinking, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: May 11, 2014
Literate Environment Analysis Presentation

By analyzing the research-based literacy practice that I conducted through this course, I gained many valuable insights about how to create a literate teaching and learning environment. It not only enables me to get to know more about my literacy learners but also how to select appropriate texts, include interactive, critical and response perspective in my literacy instruction. Moreover, I gain insightful feedback from my supportive colleagues by sharing my presentation with them.

I.Getting to Know Literacy Learners, P–3
By taking the time to get to know your student, his interests, providing a safe learning environment, building a relationship with him and finding ways to motivate him, you will put him on the path to becoming a successful reader (Afflerbach, 2012). As to get to the ability of my students about comprehending and organizing the sequence of stories, I conducted activities about story mapping and recount plan writing with them. These assessments serve as great help for me to know about the interests of my students and who need additional support as well. In addition, I found out it is essential to provide visual aids (e.g. table, poster, chart) to help students outline the stories and address the key components in retelling stories or creating stories. I also learned that it is critical to use a variety ways to keep the record of students. Excellent teachers use multiple assessments such as observations, running records, samples of student work, and student conferences (International Reading Association, 2000).

II. Selecting Texts

The topic that we have learnt was about how to express ourselves. We explored different ways cultures express themselves in different forms of art. Students learnt about the similarities and differences between cultures by reading different genres of books, matching images to cultures, tasting different foods and student presentations. Lattimer (2003)...
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