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Lesson Plan for a Conversation activity.
Class Level: elementary. Length of Lesson: 1 hour.
Type of Lesson: conversation.
Topic: Last weekend activity.
Lesson Objectives:
To develop language fluency through a conversation activity. To Introduced related vocabulary.
Materials needed:
Activity flash cards
White board
One large work sheet
Individual work sheet
Anticipate Problems & Solutions:
Students need to understand this tense is used for past events. Students may have some problems with new vocabulary.
Pre- teach vocabulary, meaning, pronunciation.
Show flash cards previously learned, and elicit activities- these will be present tense as class have not learned past tense.(Use Calendar) Activity 1 --- Interaction patterns: T>S & S>T & S>S Timing: 10-15 mins. Purpose of Procedure: Meaning, vocabulary, Pronunciation.

Ask some question or write on the board.
Sarah: What did you do last weekend?
Arslan: Last weekend I rode a bike/ ate a pizza
Went shopping
Went Swimming
Play football/ Cricket
Watch TV
Listened to music
Watch move

1. Point to last Saturday and Sunday on work sheet write ‘last weekend’ above the day’s/dates. 2. What did I do last weekend? (Point to large work sheet) Last weekend I (show flashcards) rode a bike, ate pizza etc… go through all 7 flashcards. 3. Drill each activity. Last weekend I __________________. Prompt with flash cards. 4. Pin up the flashcards on work sheet. Ask the question again. Point to each flashcard, class respond ‘Last weekend I ______________’ 5. Write on board title ‘What did I do last weekend?’ Write down structures in substitution table. Group verbs as above. Students discuss in pairs other ideas to add to ideas on the board. Feedback and write down extra ideas too.

Activity 2------- Interaction patterns T> S & S> T & S>S ----...
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