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EEI Lesson Plan Template

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|VITAL INFORMATION | |Author |L P | |*Subject(s) |Science | |Topic or Unit of Study |Weather and Climate | |*Grade/Level |7 | |*Summary |Students will read, listen, write and perform experiments about air. | | |Students will discover wheat air is. | |STANDARDS AND DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION: | |*Standards |7.1.PO.1, 7.1.PO.2.2-PO.5, 7.2.PO.3, 7.5.PO.1 | |Differentiated | | |Instruction |Special needs students and ELL learners will be supported through kinesthetic, spatial, auditory and visual support. | |EEI (ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF INSTRUCTION) - LESSON PLAN ELEMENTS REQUIRED: | |Objective |Students will conduct several experiments about air, make predictions about matter, read about what air is made of, and write to show | | |understanding of what air is made of. | | |Students will read about air for understanding and write to show comprehension. | | | | |Anticipatory Set |Activity: Science Lab: An Empty Cup | | |Have students form groups of 2 to 3. | | |Fill a clear bowl with water, Float a plastic-foam peanut inside it | | |Talk with your group and together predict what might occur to the peanut when covering it with a clear plastic cup and then thrust the cup| | |under the water to the base of bowl. Write predictions down. Draw a picture to show predictions. | | |Test prediction. Turn a cup upside down and push it straight down over the peanut until the rim of the cup touches...
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