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SEMESTER 4, 2012/2013




Name: Nik Noor Shafiyka Binti Nik Mohd Azmin
Subject: English
Date: 25 Mac 2013
School: SMK TengkuZainab
Form: Form 3 Cemerlang (Intermediate)
Enrolment: 30
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12.50 p.m. (80 minutes)
Title: The River by Valerie Bloom
Prior Knowledge : Students already know how to recite the poem and find the meaning of words that they do not understand in the poem Learning Outcomes: As the lesson progresses, learners should be able to: * Work together in groups to find meanings in the English language; * Give their personal opinions about how to preserve the river; * Learn to express their feeling through art.

Contents: The teacher teaches the students to:
* Read a poem with correct pronunciation and intonation;
* Use a dictionary in finding the words that they do not understand based on the poem given; * Create their own collage based on the poem given.

Moral Values: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to: * Appreciate the beauty of the nature;
* Show concern over the cleanliness of the river;
* Help to preserve and conserve Mother Nature.
Media of Teaching: Pictures, power point presentation and speakers. Set of Induction:

STAGES/TIME| CONTENT| TEACHER’S ACTIVITIES| STUDENT’S ACTIVITIES| RESOURCES| MORAL VALUES| REMARKS/RATIONALE| Set Induction(10 Minutes)| Teacher asks questions about previous lesson;Question(s):-What did we learn in the previous class?-What did the students understood?Moving on to the recent activity.| 1) Teacher starts the lesson by asking the students about the previous lesson to test their understandings. 2) Then, the teacher shows some pictures of clean rivers using Microsoft Power Point Presentation to the students and asks them a few questions. * What do you see? * How do the rivers look like? * How do you feel?...
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