Lesson Plan

Topics: Energy, Books, Kinetic energy Pages: 12 (2048 words) Published: March 18, 2013
I – Learning Objective
* Use the index in locating information in a book

II – Subject Matter
A. Topic: Using the index in locating information in a book. B. References: BEC IV Reading, Studying Skills 3
Growing in English Reading 5 pp.54-58
English Expressways Reading 5
C. Materials: Chart, books, photocopies of indexes

Value Focus: Care for books

III – Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review

Teacher’s ActivityPupil’s Activity
Let us review about the different parts of a book.
I have here a picture of a mango tree with fruits.
You are going to pick a fruit and read the questions,
then answer as fast as you can.

1. The page at the beginning of the book usuallytitle page ma’am containing the title of the book and the author
and the publisher.
(very good!)

2. It contain the statement of the author’spreface/forword appreciation for the assistance given by the
people in writing the book.

3. It contains the contents of the bookTable of Contents
and pages.

4. It contains all the selections or lessonsBody of the Book of the book.

5. It is a part of a book that contains the listBibliography Of the books and publications used by
the author.

6. At the end of the book, it contains listGlossary
Of words and meaning found in the book.

7. A part of the book contains an alphabeticalIndex
listing of topics, subtopics and pages.

II – Motivation
I have here a short poem about books. (Let us read the poem)

Books by Emilie Paulsson
Books are keys to wisdom’s treasure,
Books are gates to lands of pleasure,
Books are paths that upward lead,
Books are friends, real friends indeed!

Based from the poem that we have read, - Books are important because they are why are books important?keys to wisdom’s treasure.
- Books are gates to lands of pleasure
That’s right! In other words, books are important
because they are the source of knowledge.

3. Unlocking of Difficulties
Okay class, you are going to arrange the jumbled
letters as fast as you can. I am going to give you
a hint or clue.

1. The words in the dictionary are arranged
according to the order of the letters of the alphabet.
What is one word for the underlined phrase?

2. These are list of words arranged
alphabetically with topics, sub-topics, and pages.

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
(Teacher shows a chart with a sample of an index)
Here is a part of a book taken from a Science book.
What part of the book is this?Index ma’am
(very good!)


Earth, 9-8Einstein, Albert, 22-23
distance from the sun, 11
mapping of, 18Energy, 25-27
motion of, 10 solar, 26
size of, 9,17
Exploration, 46-51
Eclipse, 19, 44 of atmosphere, 46
Of space, 47, 50-51

2. Discussion and Analysis
A. What topics are found in the index?
The topics found in the index are Earth, E Eclipse, Einstein, Albert, Energy and E x Exploration

On what page can you find informationpp. 9-8
about the Earth?

On what page can you find informationp. 19-44
about the Eclipses?

On what page can you find informationpp. 25-27pp. 46-51
about the Energy? and Exploration?

What do we call the topics in an index?Main topics

What information is found on
page 11?distance of the earth from the sunpage 18?mapping of the earth page 10?motion of the earth
page 19, 17?size of the earth

What do we call those topics underSaub-topics
the main topics?

Look at the main topics, how are they arranged?The main topics are arranged alphabetically, ma’am.

Very good! How...
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