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Module 3 Discussion 1-My Body Parts: PPP
There are many things that I will be looking at in this discussion. I will start by giving an outline before describing how I would teach body parts using the PPP Lesson. Some of the methods/approaches that I have used in this lesson plan include: a) The Direct Method- In the form of oral drills and repetition. b) Natural Approach- To create an atmosphere that will lower the students filter effect. c) Total Physical Response- Using ice-breakers/warm ups related to the topic, doing actions together. d) Communicate Language Teaching- The purpose of this is to ensure that students communicate opinions regarding a topic that will help them in the real world. Students will be required to use this during the production phase. e) Task-Based- Completing task base activities where students will acquire more knowledge and learn more of the language through interaction. Another factor that I would like to establish or clarify that even though we all are dealing with the level of students who are beginners the added in factor for me to consider is the age group of my students. I would like to point out that the age group that I would consider is between 9-11 years old. Before I describe my lesson plan according to the PPP outline I will clarify my objectives, type, vocabulary, level, materials that I will be using, preparation time, time to complete this module/ section, interaction and potential problems: Objective/s: Students will be able to use new vocabulary words correctly including pronunciation and spelling of various body parts. Students will also communicate through group interaction and discussions. Type: Activities on body parts & our five senses

Vocabulary: eyes, ears, nose, tongue and hands, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel Levels: Beginners-Ages nine to eleven
Materials: Visual aids, handouts, items in the classrooms, color paper/chats, magazine/internet pictures (cuttings) and soft music in the background. Preparation: 10 minutes
Time: 60-90 minutes
Interaction: Teacher to student, student to student, student to teacher Potential Problems: Students may struggle to pronounce words correctly. Students may not know how to explain their understanding due to a lack of knowing English. Potential group dynamics may be encountered. Due to the fact that there are many body parts as part of the first session in learning body parts and considering time and for this presentation I have selected only five body parts associated to the five senses that we use today to explore life. Presentation: 10 Minutes

As part of my presentation I want to create an atmosphere appealing to my students. For this reason the first step I will take I to arrange them in a semi-circle standing and introduce an ice-breaker. Ice Breaker: This is a song to teach students where there boy parts are situated and a fun way to start off as it involves doing actions together as well as singing. We will repeat this exercise twice. It goes like this: Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes…

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes…
Eyes and ears and mouth and nose…..
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes…
I will instruct students to sit in that formation. In my presentation I will then: 1. Show students the pictures of the:
Eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hands
2. Ask the students what each picture is? I will give students an option to raise their hand and answer. Students that answer I will reward for participation. I will explain to students how they should answer. Example Teacher: What is this?

Student: This is an eye.
This is an ear
This is a nose
This is a hand
This is a mouth
a,e,i,o,u are vows therefore this is an……….
All the rest of letters are constantants therefore, this is a……………. I will explain that these words are nouns-naming words/names of things. 3. What are these body parts used for/ what is the function of these body parts? I will place the function/use of...
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