lesson observation checklist

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The content of this checklist is taken from Ofsted guidance to inspectors (updated September 2011) on judging the quality of teaching and the use of assessment to support learning. Observations and judgements should be recorded separately, using examples wherever possible.

Quality of learning

What are different groups and individual pupils actually learning as opposed to doing?

Are pupils consolidating previous skills/knowledge or learning something new?

Can all pupils make the links between previous/new learning?

Can pupils talk about what they are learning, as opposed to simply describing what they are doing?

Do they consistently produce work of a good standard?

Are pupils working independently? Are they self-reliant - do they make the most of the choices they are given or do they find it difficult to make choices? To what extent do pupils take responsibility for their own learning?

How well do pupils collaborate with others? Do they ask questions, of each other, of the teacher or other adults, about what they are learning?

Are pupils creative, do they show initiative?

How well do pupils follow routines/expectations?

Enjoyment of learning and attitudes

Are pupils engaged, working hard, making a good effort, applying themselves, concentrating and productive?

Are pupils developing habits of good learning?

Are pupils happy with their work? Are they proud of it?

Are pupils interested in their work and in what they are learning? Or are they easily distracted?

How smooth is the transition from teacher input to group work? Do pupils settle to work easily?

Assessment to support learning

Are there any significant differences in the learning of different groups of pupils, or of any individuals?

Are pupils involved in assessing their own learning and progress?

Do pupils know what they are learning and why?

Do pupils have targets and do they understand what they

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