Lesson Objectives and Objective Led Planning

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PGCE Business Studies
Subject Application Lesson Objectives and Objective Led Planning (SA2) Supporting Analysis

1. My planned sequence of lessons provides for progression across the sequence as a whole by using the AQA exam specification for AS Level and conforming with the statutory guidance. The lesson planning process is vital in order to ensure that pupils can be taught in an effective manner and allow for inclusion of all ranges and abilities. I have planned to assess the baseline by a basic question and answer session on previous lessons on Improving organisational structures and workforce and establish what their perception of Recruitment and Selection is initially.

My lessons are on Recruitment and Selection and begin with defining the recruitment process and how recruitment fits into the workforce planning. This is a progression from the previous lessons on improving organisational structures and workforce and compliments the previous learning. I am building and developing the contents, skills and application students acquired in the previous lessons. The Learning Step continues with ‘why companies feel the need to recruit’ and giving reasons why new employees are required in a company. Role plays to demonstrate the importance of effective recruitment can provide a platform for examining the aims and objectives of business and how businesses need to satisfy their external and internal customers provides the underpinning knowledge for Unit 1. Students need to experience business in a real world context and be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

Students take responsibility for organising their work and having clearly defined objectives set ensures they are continually striving for improvement. The criteria laid down in the specification gives a sound understanding of the foundations upon which to develop the work and meet the criteria.

2. Identify and justify opportunities for formal assessment within the...
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