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Topics: Bullying, Varsity team, The Varsity Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Muhammad Rehman
Mrs. Jones
ENGL 1301.4068
September 9, 2013
Words Hurt
“Austin is no longer with us…” Said the text I received from my best friend eddy that horrifying Sunday morning. Austin, Eddy, and I grew up together. We met each other in second grade in our homeroom class. All three of us had very different personalities. Eddy was the sharp and smart one, Austin was the quiet and talented, and I was the loud and crazy one. We all got along pretty well with each other. Even though Austin was always mysteriously quiet, we never suspected him to do something as foolish as taking his own life. It was really shocking at first. Nobody could believe he would do something like that. To us, Austin was this very laid back guy, who loved playing various different instruments, also very talented in most of the sports. We all thought he had the perfect life. He had everything we could ever want; he went to a really expensive private school after freshmen year, was one of the few people to even have their own car at a young age, played varsity sports, had girls always crushing on him, and etc.

After the funeral I went to go comfort Josie, Austin’s girlfriend of five months. She told me that Austin was really stressed for the past months. While talking to her, I figured that the stress she was referring to could be because of school. Later we looked at Austin’s phone and found notes confirming my assumptions. Since Austin was the only sophomore who was on the varsity football team, the other teammates would pick on him. The fact that he was only a five feet tall and also Asian (while the majority consisted of African Americans and Hispanics), made him the center of ridicule. Other students who were older would always bully him. Furthermore, Josie recalled all the hateful remarks Austin would be called everyday at school. Austin was always focused on football, he did not seem to care about the bullying, and he took it and took it, until it took him.

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