Lesson 7 Reflection Worksheet

Topics: Second language, Islamabad, History of Pakistan Pages: 4 (913 words) Published: July 4, 2015


After downloading this file, type your answers right into the document (using your word processor). Once you have completed the worksheet, keep a saved copy for yourself and then upload your work to BrainHoney by clicking the “open” button at the bottom of the “reflection worksheet” page for the current lesson. Save and upload this file only as a .doc or .docx document. This worksheet is due by Saturday evening of the week in which it is assigned. Grading will be based on completion and quality of responses.

Brief Essay Questions

Answer the following questions about our disciplinary topic and case for this week. With the exception of yes/no, naming, and self-evaluative questions, your answers should reflect the time and thought you have put into studying this topic and should consist of a short paragraph, not just one-to-two-sentence answers. Type your answers in the box below each question.


1. What would you consider the three most important facts about language and tribalism in Pakistan? List them in order of importance and briefly explain why they are important.

1) Communication obviously. The amount of languages Pakistani’s learn makes them able to move throughout different regions more easily than had they not learned. 2) Tribalism – connections. Everybody, not just those in Pakistan, find better ways to life through connections. 3) These two things provide some form a stability, in a world where there isn’t much. Finally, I can say stability!

2. If you were briefing an ambassador, missionary, soldier, or executive who were new to Pakistan about language and tribalism in Pakistan, what would you say is the most critical principle for them to understand? Why?

I would want them to understand the connection. Languages stem from tribalism, so where one group will know a lot, another will not. They cannot expect the same response from one group as they got from another. Language will be eky....
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