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Lesson 4

By asdgyasd Sep 25, 2014 354 Words
Lesson 4
1. By default, Windows 7 standard users are permitted to install Plug and Play devices only if their drivers are Digitally Signed.
2. The debilitating condition in which files are stored as clusters scattered all over a disk is called Fragmentation.
3. The file system included in Windows 7 that is specifically designed for use on flash drives is called exFAT32.
4. Technically speaking, you create partitions on basic disks and volumes on dynamic disks.
5. In Windows 7, the FAT32 file system is limited to volumes no larger than 32 gigabytes.
6. The digital signature of a driver consists of a Checksum that is appended to the driver itself before publication.
7. To create a fourth primary partition on a basic disk, you must use the Disk Management utility. 8. To extend or shrink a partition on a basic disk, you must be a member of the Backup Operator or Administrators group. 9. The default partition style used by Windows 7 on an x86 computer is MBR. 10. All digitally signed drivers have undergone Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing. True / False

T F 1. There is no way to create a fourth primary partition on a basic disk in Windows 7. T F 2. Striped volumes provide greater fault tolerance than simple volumes. T F 3. All dynamic disks have only one partition on them.

T F 4. By default, all device drivers must be digitally signed to be installed on a computer running Windows 7.
T F 5. Windows Update dynamically updates device drivers only when a hardware device has no driver installed.
T F 6. Disabling a device in Device Manager causes its device driver to be uninstalled. T F 7. The x64-based versions of Windows 7 do not permit the installation of unsigned drivers under any circumstances.

T F 8. You cannot convert an MBR disk to a GPT disk without erasing all data on the disk. T F 9. You cannot extend a striped volume unless it is on a dynamic disk. T F 10. Windows 7 can access VHDs without the use of a hypervisor.

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