Lesson 2: Generating Ideas

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Generating ideas

Lesson 2
Generating Ideas

Beauty is only skin deep

Generating ideas
3. Human right consideration and psychological sense/ morality - Is it human or inhumane? - is it fair or unfair? Who suffers? - Is it moral or immoral? Why or why not? (give examples)
- Does it satisfy people? Why or Why not?
4. Cultural value:
- Does it affect our traditional value?
- Or does it enrich our cultural value? Explain.
5. Aesthetic and technological application:
- More beautiful?
- More time saving/ faster? Give specific examples to illustrate) - Does it affect human relationship? (Result in break-down of communication) beauty is only skin deep

I. First way: raising questions
1. With regard to environment problems:
- Is it good or bad to our ecology?
- How is it good or bad? (explain)
2. Economic consideration:
- Does it make economic sense? Is it more profitable or
less profitable?
- Does it help develop our economy as a whole? Why or
why not?
- Can people reach higher status?
- Is it more money saving?
Beauty is only skin deep

Generating ideas
6. Health effects:
- Healthier or weaker?
- More obese?
- Do people lead a sedentary lifestyle?
- According to scientific surveys, it is good for your health? 7. Education sense: - Do we learn something from it? - Do children enjoy a comprehensive education?
- Do they improve other necessary skills? (Teamwork, soft skill and etc,.) 8. Political sense/ the matter of autonomy - Is it safe for our country? Does it affect the matter of security? Do our country depend on others because of that? - Better for the country? Bilateral/ multi-lateral relationship affected or not? - Does that ease political tension?

beauty is only skin deep

Generating ideas
II. Second way: Group ideas according to main sides. Two
complimentary sides:
Physical value/ effects (money, health)
Mental value (educational value, entertaining, skill learning, imagination) III. Third way: Different levels/ participants involved Personal level
Family level
Community level/ international level
Parents/ teachers/ students/ employers
Consumers/ producers/ advertisers/ media
Visitors/ host country
Domestic/ international market
beauty is only skin deep

Paragraph building
Describe what you say in the topic sentence in details

Explain the reason for what you say in the topic sentence


Explain how what you say in the topic sentence happens


Give the positive/negative outcomes when what you say in the topic sentence happens


Explain the situation when what you say in the topic sentence doesn’t happen


1. What do you consider when you apply for a
2. Should we choose a wealthy, good at school
and good-looking person as a spouse?
3. Advertisement: should it be reduced in our

beauty is only skin deep

Generating ideas
Some people think that when people get older,
they should live in the nursing house. Others,
however, think that they should live with
their family. Discuss.

Give an example
beauty is only skin deep

beauty is only skin deep

Generating ideas
Nursing house


- young couples have more time to focus on - Not all families afford expensive caring and their jobs and earn better living. treatment. - create jobs for nurses and doctors.
- Save money in hiring baby sitters.

- Fair for them to enjoy their own life, instead
of worrying about their children.
Psychology - Feel relaxed when sharing their feelings with
same age friends, finding their partner (while
their kids belong to another generation can
hardly understand their feelings)

- Fair for them to be taken care by children
since they have to spend their whole life
supporting their children.
- Feel comfortable to see their grand children
around and hear their laughter.

- Learn new things and pursue their unfinished
mission in the past on account of the fact that...
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