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Topics: Health care, Physician, Patient Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: February 18, 2012
Paragraph 1

While searching to the internet, I have seen that you are looking for someone to hire for the position of Medical Billing and Coder at one of your Phil Health locations. This position is responsible for accurate recording and processing data about patients, such as treatment records, insurance information, bills and received payments. They organize all the patient’s records, bills and statements and confirm that they are free from errors before coding information. My friend’s brother died at the year 2007. He was taken at one of your locations where the doctors and nurses tried everything they could to save him; but still, he passed away. Through that experience, I saw how your employees handle a very hard situation, and that really inspired me. I am a stay-at- home mother for the past years and I am now seeking a new opportunity for advancement and to ensure a stable future for me and my family. The Health Care industry has always been my dream to pursue. When I was young, I told my dad that I wanted to be a doctor someday, but I am afraid of blood. I used to faint if I saw even a little bit of blood. But after researching in the internet, I have seen that there is a career that I can take and I still can work in the hospital, and not seeing a blood. That led me to take an online course Medical Billing and Coding at Penn Foster Career School. Upon completion, I gained the knowledge and proficiency in medical billing and collection programs. I also have the ability to multitask, team-oriented attitude, and work well under pressure. As a medical coder of your company, I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to the medical team serving your patients and insurance companies in a timely manner. I am looking forward for your kind consideration.
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