Les Murrays Poems

Topics: Storm, Hail, Experience Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: June 27, 2009
The use of poetry is made to capture some aspects of human experiences. In Les Murray’s poetry he portrays aspects of human experiences in the poem “Spring Hail” as he reminisces of his childhood experiences and also the human experiences that involve sorrow in “The Widower in The Country”. Firstly, the poem ‘The Widower in the Country’ conveys the grief and emotions accompanying the loss of a loved one. He captures depressing emotions by using connotations of ‘Widower’ and ‘Country’ in the title. By using these connotations Murray associates the loneliness of being a widower and the seclusion of the country to enhance the sorrow of losing a loved one. Another example where Murray portrays the loneliness of this particular widower is shown in his sense of uselessness. Murray uses the first person narrative in “I’ll get up soon, and leave my bed unmade. I’ll go outside... I’ll drive my axe…” By using this technique and using ‘I’ in describing the minimal activity he does throughout the day in the poem emphasises this man’s solitude and also his emotional trauma that affects his mentality and will to work. In this experience Murray, once again, demonstrates the man’s emptiness through his tedious daily routine. This is reflected in the poem structure’s use of overlong sentences in the first two paragraphs. “I’ll go outside… now/ I’ll drive my axe… and make tea.” The effect of the overlong sentences is to capture the impression of the widower’s prolonged days of his monotonous schedules and recurring chores whether it be chopping wood or preparing meals for himself. Murray interestingly uses the lifeless surroundings to portray the sorrow of the widower’s current state. By cumulating the landscape in: “paddocks aching in the heat, the windless trees, the nettles in the yard..“ the poet reveals the bleakness of the farm. Moreover conveys the character’s sadness and grief is linked and is similar to the physical environment as ‘aching’ and ‘un-kept’....
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