Les Miz Shoes

Topics: Marketing, Strategy, Strategic management Pages: 4 (965 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Les MIz Shoes

Les MIz is a family enterprise that was established in 1984 by the late Don Bienvenido Ducor. The enterprise has its mission to provide high quality ladies leather shoes for the export market. Don Ducor dreamt of becoming the premiere Filipino exporter of high quality footwear to Europe.

In 1990, Mrs. Españada, Don Ducor’s daughter, took over the management of the company after her father died. Mrs. Españada had trouble running the company because it was saddled with low sales, debt burden, and operational problems.

I. Time Context and Setting: 1992, Philippines

II. Statement of Objective
To assess the feasibility of Les Miz Shoes’ long-term mission and to develop an overall strategy to attain it

III. Central Problem
What strategic plan is most appropriate so that Les Miz Shoes will be able to attain its objective?

IV. Areas of Consideration

1. Ability to survive and continue its operations despite of recurring losses through the years.| 1. Unable to develop and implement definite pricing strategy.| 2. Ability to handle production even without the new machineries.| 2. Inability to consider advertising and marketing strategy to increase sales. | 3. Ability to create export-quality shoes. | 3. Holds a contract with Rustom’s that states Les Miz could not sell its shoes through distribution outlets other than Rustom’s branches, which limits the company’s distribution strategy.|

1. Soaring sales in Les Miz’s low-priced line of shoes.| 1. The fluctuating dollar rates have led to unstable importation costs along with higher interest rates brought about by the instability of the political environment.| 2. The cash settlement released Les Miz from its long-term debts and freed the company from its enormous interest payments from such loans which had been made to buy non-performing assets.| 2. Les Miz imports 100 percent of its raw materials that is...
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