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Up and coming director Tom Hooper is lately know for his recent films The Damned United and The King’s Speech. Though his movie, The King’s Speech, proved to be more popular out of the two and became a winner of the Oscar for “Best Motion Picture of the Year.” However this film has not been his only successful product. His newest undertaking has been the classic musical, Les Miserables, which won several Oscars. Yet, this jaw dropping production earned mixed reviews from various critics. While critics all agree on Les Miserables plot and unsuccessful camera techniques, they differ on director Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the famous Broadway musical to the movie theatre and the actors live singing.

Les Miserables’ plot is based on the novel written by Victor Hugo, set in 19th-century France. It tells the story of Prisoner 24601, whose real name is Jean Valjean, and how he breaks his parole to become an honest man. While constantly eluding relentless Inspector Javert, he adopts a child who goes by the name of Cosette, the daughter of the working mother, Fantine. Though this arrangement of runaway convict and innocent girl normally would not cohere, Cosette is his inspiration to continue on the road of honesty. Nine years pass and the two are growing older; Cosette is blooming into young adulthood while her adopted father is too aging. While in the city of Paris, revolutionaries urge the people to revolt against the upper class, the leader being a young man by the name of Marius. When Marius later catches a glimpse of Cosette he instantly falls in love with her, thus he is torn between fighting with his men or perusing his new found love. When the decision is made to stand together with his nonconformist army of boys, he turns out to be the only survivor due to the saving grace of Jean Valjean. While the loss of young life is always saddening, the plot turns uplifting with the marriage of Marius and Cosette. Jean Valjean dies of old age,...

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