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LEQ 2 27 15

By jjc1997 Mar 05, 2015 308 Words
LEQ Pg.547 #4
Although the New Deal and World War II were in different time periods, there labor and business effects were both equal and different. The New Deal had a different effect on labor by making jobs for anyone that needed it and World War II started hiring more women for jobs so the men could go to war. The New Deal and World War II were the same by making our economy better than it was.

The New Deals effect on labor was different from World War II because the New Deal was focused on everyone who needed jobs and World War II was focused on women taking over the men’s jobs so they could go to war. The New Deal labor was focused on construction while during World War II the jobs were focused on factories and supplying goods to the military. While they both supplied jobs to people their labor was focused on different goals.

The New Deal and World War II had the same effects on business because in both time periods they wanted to better their economy. The New Deal wanted to better their economy because when the Great Depression hit, they economy blew. During World War II, the United States wanted to better their economy because they still suffered from the Great Depression and it was also better for them during wartime. They both also had acts that helped out the businesses to have workers.

Although the New Deal and World War II were in different time periods, there labor and business effects were both equal and different. The New Deal and World War II can relate to Vietnam and the war in Iraq because they both had their differences but they were in common because the people in the United States did not want their troops over seas fighting.

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