Topics: Marketing, Household income in the United States, Butte, Montana Pages: 53 (8342 words) Published: April 18, 2015

Marketing Plan


Heather (Rowe) Holland

March 4, 2015

Table of Contents

Executive Summary5
Company Introduction6
Mission Statement6
Vision Statement7
Product and/or Services7
Industry Profile10
Situational Analysis12
Growth in Silver Bow County13
Growth of “The Leopard Café “14
Customer Profile15
Market Demographics/Size16
Customer Base Present and Future18
Marketing Strategy/Market Share21
Marketing Goals & Objectives (1st interview)23
New Marketing Plan Goals & Objectives24
Smart Goals25
Marketing Ideas26
Uptown Café27
Montana Club29
Park 21732
Competitors Summary33
Position Statement34
Operational Plan34
Quality Control37
High End37
Suppliers and Contractual Relations37
Recordkeeping Policies and Procedures37
Billing and Collection Policies and Procedures38
Build Credibility38
Financial Plan40
Current balance sheet40
Pricing strategy40
Start Up/Grand Re-Opening44
Request for Financing45
Repayment Plan45
Debt Repayment Contingency Plan45
Risk Analysis45
Exit Strategy45
Identified thresholds45
Policies for Dealing with Shortage or Over Budget Situations46 Planning and Uncertainty46
Personal financial statement47
Outstanding loan documents47
Capital equipment list47
Legal documents47
Other items47

Table of Figures
Figure 1: BSB Full Service Restaurant supply vs. demand11
Figure 2: Eating & Drinking Household Expenditures in the U.S. (in Millions of Dollars)13 Figures 3A & 3B: Illustration of US Restaurant Industry Growth & Sales13 Figure 5A: Silver Bow County Percent of Consumers per age group 2014.20 Figure 5B: Silver Bow County percentage of consumers per age group 2019 forecast.20 Figure 6: Monthly Budget Overview42

Table of Tables

Table 1: S.W.O.T.N. Analysis12
Table 2: Leopard Target Market Income Projections18
Table 2: Projected Cash Flow (Income) Information Chart41
Table 3: Weekly Lunch/Dinner Seating to find Projected Cash Flow (Income)41 Table 4: Projected Food/Wine Served for Projected Cash Flow41 Table 5: Payroll42
Table 6: Budget Sheet43
Table 7: Grand Re-Opening44

Executive Summary

The Leopard Café is an exquisite culinary addition to Silver Bow County’s dining choices. Located at the Bert Mooney Airport, our company offers a serene atmosphere to escape the hustle and bustle of the average day while appreciating the fine arts of food and wine. The Café’s ambiance is one of peace and tranquility where patrons can enjoy their meal without interruptions and savor every delicious bite.

Besides their food and wine menu, The Leopard Café is creating its own line of salad dressings to soon be released. Through many years Chef Dennis Jennison has mastered the perfect combinations of international elements into his food and spices. These delectable choice of flavorings, combined with his distinctive atmosphere and service creating a unique and memorable dining experience.

The Leopard Cafe Business Plan was written to obtain a firm grasp in what we want to offer to our patrons and identify the niche we want to make in today’s restaurant market The Business Plan, including a Marketing Plan, identifies our strengths and weaknesses, a better understanding of our competitors and our target market. This information will help focus our business marketing and implement strategies to become a top choice for consumers when they are selecting a location for a wonderful dining experience.

Company Introduction

The Leopard Café, a Sole Proprietorship, is owned and operated by Dennis Jennison, an Italian raised resident of Butte, MT. As a child, Dennis began...
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