Topics: Tiger, Leopard, Panthera Pages: 4 (858 words) Published: May 16, 2014

Amur Leopard
Species:Panthera pardus
Subspecies: P. p. orientalis
Conservation Status:
➠ Critically Endangered
Amur leopards are much smaller than tigers, with males weighing 50-60 kg, and females a lighter 30-35 kg, with body length reaching about 1.5 m. Though the Amur leopard is similar in stature and strength to other leopards, there are differences between this northernmost subspecies and its cousins to the south. Amur leopards have longer limbs, allowing them to walk in the snow. The colour of their fur changes seasonally, from a reddish yellow in the summer to a light yellow in the winter. The length of their fur also can change with the temperature, from 2.5 cm in the warmer months to 7 cm during the coldest times of the year.

•The Indo-Chinese Tiger is an animal in the Felidae family same as the Amur Leopard. Due to their dwindling numbers, Indochinese tigers are known to inbreed, mating with available immediate family members. Similar with the leopard, they are also being inbreeded which is a threat to them. The primary threat to Indochinese tigers is mankind. Humans hunt Indochinese tigers to make use of their body parts specially their skin. Humans also are encroaching upon their natural habitats, developing, fragmenting, and improving fertility for livestock grazing. Poaching is also a main threat for the leopards' survival and humans inducing fires on forests. That’s why both the tiger and leopard are facing habitat loss. And obviously they feed on other animals so they are carnivores. •The obvious difference between the Indo-Chinese Tiger and Amur Leopard is their skin. The tiger has narrower stripes and the deeper, more vibrant orange which is referred to as golden. The leopard has rosettes on their flanks and their winter coat varies from fairly light yellow to dense yellowish-red with a golden tinge...
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