Leona's Bakeshop

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Leona’s Bakeshop

How Leona’s Bakeshop started?

Almost all of us love bread, especially when it is hot straight from the oven!  Just the smell of freshly baked bread is enough to make anyone's mouth water and stomach rumble.  Some people just have bread for breakfast, some take it during their morning and afternoon break snacks, and some even just have bread instead of rice for lunch and dinner.  It is no wonder that you can find a bakery wherever you go. One of which is the Leona’s bakeshop.

Leona’s bakeshop is known for its delicious cakes, pastries and breads. And this is definitely one of the most popular bakeshop here in Cebu City. Leona’s Bakeshop started its business last 1999 and it is essentially a family business with Mrs. Ong as consultant and adviser. Mrs. Leona Ong and her three daughters (Jane-Jane, Natalie, and Veronica), are the woman behind the quality and irresistibly delicious cakes, pastries and breads.

The three sisters have their own specialty product to offer in their bakeshop. They are good in cooking and baking even if they didn’t take any culinary lessons. Jane-Jane is a business administration graduate, Veronica is an accountant and Natalie is a business management graduate.

In operating their business; the three sisters divide the work among them, Jane-Jane is busy with administration and paper works; Veronica is in charge of production, while Natalie helps both Veronica and Jane-Jane, in paper work. Mr. Ong also helped in managing their main outlet of the business and might as well help arranging the baked products on their shelves.

Leona’s Bakeshop won the award for best small business entrepreneur from the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Marketing Strategy

Leona’s Bakeshop became known and popular here in town through “word of mouth”. Most of their customers just heard about their product through friends and relatives. And they become their regular customers. One’s service or product is good; he won’t...
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