Lenovo Laptops Consumer Behavior

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Product – Lenovo Laptops
With a total population of 5 million in 2011, Singapore has more than 3.37 million internet users. The country has more broadband accounts than homes with the broadband penetration rate at 148.9% in 2009, representing more than 5.96 million subscriptions With a total population of 5 million in 2011. This shows the high level of digital literacy in the Singapore market. Further more, laptops are slowly replacing desktops in terms of those studying, and those working whose jobs may require them to own a laptop which they are able to bring around freely. Today, in the laptop market there is no clear distinction as to which brand is the market leader and follower. What sets these laptops apart from the rest and being different is the way of marketing, who can make the slimmest laptop, who weighs the least.
Lenovo laptops have more than two competitors, however this report will only talk about two of the more distinctive laptop brands, Apple and HP.
Apple has always been a market leader in terms of the mp3 music listening devices, following on by the iPhone and the Macbooks. When it comes to Apple’s Macbooks, the latest model and the one that catches the most attention would be the Macbook Air. At 1.3 kilograms, it is impressive how a fast processing laptop only weighs that much. Slim and sleek, this is how the Macbook Air is being marketed. More or less, this Macbook Air’s target market would be the people who take long rides, the people who have to have a lighter weight laptop to make life easier for them to bring it around. Mostly would be the working class, as Macbooks generally do not support video games. However, as compared to Lenovo Laptops, though this Macbook Air is sleek and lightweight, and all its attributes that attract consumers, the device is lacking in expandibility and options.
Secondly, based on HP’s market share and branding, to quote a review from a HP consumer “Windows 8 PCs are arriving in our labs, including the HP

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