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Lennies behaviour is very childlike, this can be perseieve from ‘’Lennie put his hands over his ears’’ his manorisms of dealing with issues are very child like and can be seen to be similar to the ideal of ‘out of sight out of mind’. This makes us forget about his strength and we are reminded that he can be dangerous, in the scene when he fights with Curley which surprises the reader as he first comes across as a soft person, and this i turn prepares the reader for the following events of the novel. We also see power shift very quickly which links to a theme of power vs. powerlessness. Lennie is described using animal imagery. ‘’Snorting into the water like a horse’’ and ‘’Lennie dabbed his big paw in the water’’. However, he is mainly described using animal imagery at the beginning of the novel in the brush which could possibly insinuate that he belongs with nature and it makes the reader think of Lennie to be less of a human being. Lennie is very innocent but is also quite manipulative and intelligent but in the way of a child ‘’I’ll go off in those hills right there- right up in those hills’’. Lennie is also very dependent on George as he cannot think to do many things for himself. And like a child to a parent, is constantly seeking his approval. ‘’Lennie removed his hat dutifully’’ ‘’ain’t we gonna have no supper George?’’. Maybe George having control over Lennie gives him a feeling of power that can only be backed by the dream? Power vs. Powerlessness & Dreams vs. Failure of dreams & Relationships vs. Loneliness Lennie is quite protective over George and although is unaware of his strength will stand up for George. ‘’He stood up and walked dangerously toward Crooks. ‘Who hurt George’ he demanded’’. Power vs. Powerlessness Lennie is mainly unaware of his actions and does not realise the consequences of his actions until he has done them. ‘’I done a bad thing’’. Lennie is very forgetful which worries George as he does not want any trouble and wants to keep the job on the ranch so he can make enough to get their dream; the farm. ‘’Good boy… you say that over two, three times so you won’t forget it’’. He can’t even remember who his Aunt was and refers to her as ‘’that lady’’. Lennie is always seeking Georges approval which emphasis the fact that Lennie is very childlike as he cannot think of himself and does not seek his own approval but instead one of the authority figure. ‘’look what I done George’’. George

George is a father figure to Lennie, and is always trying to look out for him and protect him. ‘’You never oughta drink water when it ain’t running, Lennie’’ and when he tells him off for keeping a dead mouse because it’s unhygienic. Links to a theme of security & friendship vs. loneliness George also acts as Lennie’s conscience is some ways, for instance when Curley is fighting Lennie he listened to Georges orders to ‘’Get im’ Lennie’’ and to ‘’leggo of his hand Lennie, leggo’’. (Lennie cannot think for himself and so when George is not around he sees other people as a sign of conscience) Although we see George complaining about Lennie ‘’I could get along so easy and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail’’ we know that George is thankful for Lennie as he gives him hope that he isn’t alone and Lennie is also Georges main force to aim for their dream to keep them going. Theme of friendship vs. loneliness & dreams vs. failure of dreams & hope vs. hopelessness ‘’If I was a relative of yours I’d shoot myself’’. We don’t really see George’s personality throughout the novel although we do see that he feels guilt and empathy (which was rare in ranch workers) towards Lennie as he used to play tricks on him. ‘’I turns to Lennie and says ‘jump in’… he damn near drowned’’. When George shoots Lennie, we see that he quite sensitive to the matter in contrast to when Carlson shot Candy’s dog (this could also be a link to how Lennie and Candy’s dog are quite similar both like animals). ‘’George raised the...
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