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I choose Lennie because I thought that he was one of the more interesting and exhilarating characters in Of Mice and Men. For one of the pictures in my collage I have a picture of Lennie which he was described as "...A huge man, shapeless of face with large pale eyes, with wide sloping shoulders...". Also in the book when him and George where walking they described Lennie as "...walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws...". When Lennie and George were running away from Weeds because of what Lennie did he had acted like an animal when he was drinking out of the lake he was described as snorting the water like a horse. When they had stopped at the bushes to take a break for the night like a kid, Lennie mournfully wishes for ketchup to put on his beans as a kid would do. Lennie also kept asking George for a bedtime story "...No…you tell it. It ain't the same if I tell it. Go on…George. How I get to tend the rabbits...". Lennie also had an obsession with rabbits he liked how they felt because he likes to feel soft things. Even though Lennie is described as a nice fella he still has his problems. In the story Lennie was known for liking soft things such as rabbits, womens dress, mice, and Curley's wife's hair, but at the end they either ended up dead or they accuse him of rape. Lennie always "...pinched their heads a little..." after the animals bit him. He says, "...they was dead because they was so little..." but their size doesn't really have anything to do with it. They're dead because Lennie is so big and strong and he doesn't quite understand how to be gentle even though he says "...George I ain't mean no harm, honest George...". I picked these pictures because they described Lennie pretty well and explained his personality and behavior that is why Lennie was one of my favorite characters in Of Mice And Men.
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