Lenn Goodman Essay

Topics: Crime, Decision making, War Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Lenn Goodman Essay

Lenn Goodman Essay
Bruno Toledo
Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
Instructor Brian Freeland 6/25/12

Lenn Goodman Essay

LYNN GOODMAN ESSAY The purpose of this essay is to tell you what I think about an author name Lenn Goodman, the author of ‘”Some Moral Minima”. In this essay I will explain what Lenn states and argues that there are certain things that are simply wrong. And I will explain if agree with him or not. When reading Lenn Goodmans journal I strongly agree with him when he argues that there are certain things that are simply wrong. There are so many things that are wrong going on in today’s societies. Like for example rape, abuse, discrimination, and murder. Lenn also states that everybody deserves the right to live and to be free from any and all inhumane treatments. It is wrong to commit crimes and when you are charged for the crime you may or may not get the proper conviction time. My Grandfather always told me that we are born into sin so that the wrong things that we do is in us, but we have to learn to make the right decisions on our own. Anybody can commit a crime or do something wrong, but it takes a strong individual to know the difference. As parents we teach our kids the right from wrong, dos and don’ts. It is up to the child to make that decision or hold on to those teachings as he/she matures into adult hood. In the article it states, “Murder is wrong because it destroys a human subject. Warfare is not always wrong; it may be necessary to protect such subjects:” War is wrong but protecting the innocent and those that we love may be the right thing to do. It works on both sides also. War I think never ends. Some of the relatives of a victim may seek revenge and...
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