Lenin and Stalin's Attempt to Improve the Soviet Economy

Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Lenin and Stalin both attempted to improve the soviet economy, they each had a number of successes and failures. The Civil War between the Red and the White army had destroyed the Soviet economy. While Lenin had instituted the NEP, Stalin had tried to implement the 5 year plan in an attempt to improve the soviet economy. During the NEP the workers and farmers were much happier and they produced a lot of goods. However this method was highly ineffective because the farms were small (Source E, test booklet). They were allowed to sell their excess food and produce in the open market as long as they would pay taxes to the government. A new class was known as the Kulaks were formed. It was made by farmers that had gained wealth from leasing their land and frim hiring workers. During the NEP small and medium sized businesses were privatised while the more important aspects of the industry such as transport and foreign trade were handled by the government (Source E). By the late 1920’s the economy was much stronger than before it was before the revolution. NEPMAN was a term used to describe factory owners and independent retailers that had started their own establishments and businesses. The five year plan had been drawn up by Stalin and the GOSPLAN. Stalin believed that the country had the potential to overtake the capitalist countries. In one of Stalin’s speeches he wrote about how the Soviet Union had been turned into a modern country capable of mass producing and with modern means of attack (Source 6). Stalin lived in fear that Germany would attack Russia so he tried to modernise the industries in order to defeat the people them. Included in the five year plan was collectivisation, which involved modernising the agriculture, increasing the rate of production. It also included grouping everyone’s land and equipment called Kolkhoz and to work under instructions from, the communist party. Stalin’s collectivisation had been successful...
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