Lengthening the School Year

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Lengthen the School Year
Call it a last-minute clarification or a June surprise, another piece of bad news: A trailer bill that the Legislature will vote on Wednesday permits districts to slash the school year by an additional three weeks for the next two years, if voters reject Gov. Brown’s tax increase in November. That’s twice what  Gov. Jerry Brown seemed to suggest in the May budget revise when he proposed the elimination of 15 days divided over a two-year period. Instead, the Legislature is prepared to authorize a 160-day year, likely the lowest in the nation and far behind other advanced nations; nearly all states have a 180-day year, which California also required before 2010. “There has been a lot of argument about whether we should extend the school year and day.  This is a controversial topic.  Some experts believe that it is the quality of time that is important rather than quantity of time. Others believe that if the school day or year is increased, extra syllabus can be covered and give the opportunity for more knowledge. According to President Obama, kids should attend school even in the summer to increase their potential learning.” (#3) “Extending the school day is a hot topic for educational policy making bodies. The driving force behind the proposal to lengthen the school day is the assertion that more instructional time would yield greater academic gains. Some research indicates there may be slight academic benefits to extending the school day. However, the slight benefits must be weighed by the potential costs, which may include expenses incurred by the school system, the disruption of afternoon extracurricular activities, and the consideration that an extended day might not be a good idea for all grade levels.” (#5) The school year should be lengthened, because it helps kids learn more about their materials, keeps them out of trouble, gives them the availability of more instructional time, helps them compete with other countries, and it also pays teachers more. As you can see lengthening the school year proves to be extremely convenient and beneficial to making and helping kids learn more. Lengthening the school year will lead to kids eventually learning more overtime because they will be in school more which will lead to them absorbing more knowledge. August 6, 2012, “while 170 schools around the country have added school days, some Georgia students are returning to shorter schools years, a consequence of budget cuts. With some Georgia districts adopting a shorter school year to cope with budget cuts, I thought this New York Times story on the opposite trend was worth sharing.”(#1) The National Center on Time and Learning, a nonprofit research group in Boston, reports that about 170 schools — most of them charters — have extended their calendars to 190 days or longer, according to the Times story. A growing group of education advocates is agitating for more time in schools, arguing that low-income children in particular need more time to catch up as schools face increasing pressure to improve student test scores. “It’s not as simple as ‘Oh, if we just went 12 hours every kid would be Einstein,” said Chris Gabrieli, chairman of the Boston group. “On the other hand, the more time you spend practicing or preparing to do something, the better you get at it.”(#7) What Gabrieli is saying is that yes, making the school year longer will help the children because working at something over a longer period of time will in fact help you understand it much better. Making kids stay in class longer will not work, because kids get tired and bored over a long period of time this is why lengthening the school year is a better idea and both are way better then shortening the school year in any way shape or form. You can now see that overtime kids let alone anyone will learn a lot more overtime as to a short amount of crammed time. Participation in school plays a huge roll on whether kids get in more or less...

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