Lending System

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Chapter I
The Problem and its Setting


As the world moves a global electronic place, lots of establishments are not upgrading their computers to the latest features just assures that their clients will be satisfied by the services that they give and create a friendly environment to each member. 

The existing loan transaction processing system used by the RGT Lending Investor Incorporated is manually operated. The loan takes two (2) days to be processed. This can be obsolete because of the presence of the computers, which could facilitate any transaction at faster rate. They use computer merely for their documentations and not for their system. In fact, they only use word and excel which are the generally used Microsoft office works and not a specific task. That’s why; their use of computer does not help to make their process faster and accurate. Since loaning is primary service offered by the RGTLI , we should create a better way to facilitate processing of every member’s transaction and queries. Thus, the system will automatically check the status of each member/staff once they login making it not time consuming for both of them. 

In that case of Computerized Lending System that will provide easier and faster of loan transaction processes for RGT Lending Investor Inc is proposed. 

If this system will be successful, members and staff will reduce their works if we can do it, this can aid the problem of technicalities and can be more efficient and user friendly to them.

Background of the Study

We find that the existing loan transaction of RGT Lending Investor Inc . is manually use or operated and the process is taking too long to be processed. Its manually being processed by the staffs of RGTLI and decreasing their performance by taking too much time in one tasks. Our advance technology now can be used to make a more advance and efficient ways to improve the transaction with more efficiency by introducing the use of Computers and developing the Computerized Lending System to help them create a better way to facilitate processing of every member’s transaction and queries , reduce the amount of time consuming in processing the loan and also to reduce the technicalities problems resulting of another work to the staff. They’re process have to used computer but most of the time just using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

The introduction of computers enhances the speed and efficiency of Lending Process. Better results could be attained by using a automatic system and also reducing the time to a mere fraction compared to the time it takes if the process is done manually. The manual lending process system of RGT Lending Investor Inc lacks the advantages of the modern technology that we have this day.

We created this type of system to enhance the process of lending and the transaction with the customers. To reduce the amount of time being consumed on manual processing of the transaction. To make the member and staff have a better transaction with the investors and loaners. To facilitate better on processing of every member’s transaction and queries

Statement of the Problem
This project is been developed to design a Computerized Lending System in order to maximize the potential of advance technology in Lending industry.

Conceptual Framework

The conceptual model of the study consisted of two major components, the entity and the process. The entity is the people that involve on the system and the process is the actions of the entity.

Purpose of the Project
The purpose of this project is to develop a software that will improve the transaction process ,of RGT Lending Investor Inc. and to achieve the following objective : To record the important information of investor and loaners

To improve the transaction rate of staff and customers
To enhance the quality of service given to investor and...
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