Lena Baker vs Annette Lyes

Topics: Jury, Capital punishment, Insanity defense Pages: 1 (416 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The Lena Baker and Anjette Lyles are two-court cases that are very questionable in court decision. Lena Baker shot and kill Ernest B. Knight who had remove her from her home and locked in a the gristmill. Baker was sentenced to Death. Anjette Lyles was a woman who murder four people Ben F. Lyles Jr who was her first husband, Joe Neal Gabbert who was her second husband, Julia Lyles who was her former mother in law and Marcia her daughter. She was sentenced to the State Hospital for the Insane in Milledgeville. Georgia's In Lena Case, the Judge put to gun on the stand to intimidate the court to give him the verdict. Her trail lasted less than day. Even with the right to fast and speedy trail in my opinion that was to fast for the defense to cast enough doubt in any juror mind. The Judge gun influenced the jury to give him the verdict he wants. Those two alone is enough for a mistrial. The Governor granted Lena a sixty-day reprieve so that the Board of Pardons and Parole could review the case. In January 1945, the board denied clemency. Baker's execution date was rescheduled for March 5, 1945. She was taken to Reidsville State Prison on February 23, 1945. Sixty years later the state of Georgia accounted that it had made a mistake and that Lena Baker should have been sentenced to a lesser serious crime. I think that the death should be removed from the books because innocent people are sentenced to death each year. The Death pleanty here was unreasonable everyone knew what was happening was wrong but still happened. In the Anjette case, her poison four people .Anjette plan these murder out and commit them. She had her trail and was sentenced to death. She would have been the first white woman sentenced to death and people were not happy about that. The governor step in and appointed a sanity commission consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist, and medical doctor to examine Lyles. The conclusion the team presented to the Board of Pardons and Paroles was that the...
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